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While JR’s loves to go above and beyond for our clients, we’ve experienced a few unfortunate events that have required us to change some of our previous policies. Despite these changes, we continue to remain committed to our clients. We are always willing to work with clients who express a true desire to ride, and who respect and value our time. We encourage you to chat with us about any known issues that may arise during your initial consultation.


JR’s receives a high influx of calls, emails and requests via social media every day. When contacting us, please let us know in your message if you are ready to book, or simply looking to obtain more information. We are happy to have conversations with those seeking more information, but encourage you to read through our reviews and explore the information on this site, as the answers to most questions can be found here.

ALL JR’s services require payment in full at the time of booking . When contacting us to book, please be prepared to make your payment. We accept a variety of payment methods and are happy to work with you to accommodate this transaction. Please review our policies regarding cancellations and rescheduling.

All payments are final
and non-refundable

Cancellations & Rescheduling

While we love our clients and understand “life happens,” we are also running a business that requires several hours of time and preparation in order to facilitate each service we provide. Bike inspection, repair, maintenance, and transportation are ongoing, and begin long before scheduled start times. We value the time we spend with you, and it is necessary you value ours as well. For this reason the following policies remain in place:

Any cancellation or request to reschedule made any time after booking that is not initiated by JR’s, will result in the forfeiture or your payment. JR’s is happy to accommodate extenuating and verifiable circumstances, and requires that you let us know of any issues that may arise at the time of booking. Failure to present proof of circumstance may result in the forfeiture of your payment. Please let us know as soon as possible if something occurs that prevents you from training altogether.

In order to reschedule a lesson, an additional full payment is required. Rescheduling a lesson leaves your timeslot empty and precludes us from having the ability to train another rider on your rescheduled date.

If a cancellation or reschedule request occurs within 48 hours of your scheduled lesson and we are unable to fill your timeslot within that time, JR’s reserves the right to charge an additional $350 to compensate for the unused time.

Any no call or no show will result in the client being charged an additional $350 to cover the cost of a lesson that could have been provided that day which must now be held at a later time.

  Rain or Shine

Jr’s trains rain or shine, and always takes into consideration a rider’s skill level when making the decision to reschedule a lesson due to weather. Determinations are made utilizing access to high end software that far surpasses the weather predictions found on common weather apps and forecasts. The decision to cancel a lesson based on “predicted” weather is at the sole discretion of JR’s PCL. We invite you to share any concerns you may have about training in the rain during your initial consultation.

Road Test Rental

In order to book a Road Test Rental, you must confirm our availability prior to scheduling your appointment with any state licensing center. Our primary service is private motorcycle instruction, and we arrange our schedule to conduct multiple road test rentals on the same day.

packages & Gift Certificates

Throughout the year, JR’s offers various packages and gift certificates. If you purchase a package, we kindly request that you keep us updated on your riding progress and intentions so we can fulfill these services in a timely manner.  Unused package services expire within one year of purchase. Recipients of a gift certificate must contact JR’s within 45 days of purchase to schedule a lesson


JR’s lessons typically last 3-4 hours and vary based on the individual rider. Some riders master skills in a much shorter timeframe and may learn more advanced skills while others may require more practice and repetition to refine what they have learned. All decisions, changes or modifications to any lesson are at the sole discretion of JR’s PCL.

Clients will be notified in advance if any of the above needs to take place.

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