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Motorcycle road test rental with pre-test practice

Each Road Test Motorcycle rental includes: 
  • Transportation of motorcycle to/from testing site.
  • Pre-test practice session of up to 1.5 hours on the day of your test.
  • Repetition of exercises with specific emphasis on the proper techniques needed to successfully complete the skills assessment.
  • Testing site location advice.

private motorcycle lessons

Each lesson includes the following:
  • Three to four hour private lesson designed utilizing a step-by-step progression, tailored to new riders or more experienced riders looking to improve or refresh their current skills.
  • Each rider is taught at their own pace according to their personal comfort level. As each skill is mastered, our clients gain the confidence needed to exceed any self-imposed limitations.
  • JR’s teaches rain or shine. This allows us to adequately train and prepare you for safe regardless of road conditions. 
  • Detailed explanation of the motorcycle, controls, instrument cluster and how to use each effectively to develop safe riding habits.
  • Proper pre-ride checks, emergency braking, maneuvering techniques and more.
  • State road test preparation incorporated during lesson.
  • Post-lesson Q & A to cover anything you may still have on your mind.
  • Guaranteed to leave lesson feeling more confident, relaxed, and most importantly, knowing how to ride and operate the motorcycle safely!
  • Riders with known or unique learning differences are encouraged to disclose this information prior to lesson so that additional accommodations can be made if needed.

ride along session


Our ride along sessions are geared toward new riders looking to gain road experience and those looking for a real time assessment in order to improve their riding skills. Whether it’s your first time out on the road or you have limited experience, our ride along sessions will help you gain the awareness you need in order to feel more comfortable and safe on the road.

each Ride along session includeS:
  • Open road ride along with a JR’s instructor conducted on either your bike or ours.
  • Real time assessment of road skills along with evaluation and instruction on best practices on various types of roadways.
  • Headset communication and instruction while riding.
  • Tail car can be provided as a buffer.


JR’s offers professional motorcycle repair and maintenance services through our connections with private motorcycle repair shops. We can offer you peace of mind knowing your motorcycle will be properly diagnosed and efficiently repaired in a  professional, reliable manner. Don’t ever overpay at a dealership again! 


Don’t let your eyes get bigger than your ride! JR’s has established relationships with dealerships who are committed to making sure their clients know how to ride. They believe in our training and are willing to offer our clients unmatched deals. Our motorcycle purchase assistance program gives you access to our partners and at no cost to you.

In addition to our relationships with dealerships, JR’s. staff is available to help you fully evaluate any motorcycles you may find on social media or used motorcycle sale sites. We know what questions to ask and what to look for when purchasing a new or used motorcycle. Knowing the true value of a motorcycle as well as the true cost of repairs means we won’t let anyone take advantage of you!


JR’s is always happy to assist you in transporting your motorcycle wherever you may need it to go.


What our clients say



Great teachers ! I learned how to ride the same day!
Very helpful taught me how to comfortably ride a motorcycle, ease into gears and turns also how to safely slow down as to avoid self or others injury, we spent hours going over drills and making sure I was safely maneuvering. All of which helped me pass my driven test on the first try thank you.
I cannot say enough about how terrific Mark and the whole experience was. Mark is kind, patient and knowledgeable, but more importantly, he is a skilled teacher. He watched carefully to get an assessment with where I was, and then adapted the skills and progress to my own abilities and... improvements. I expect to get another lesson (or more) once I have more miles under my belt. If you are new this is a must do for your confidence and safety!read more
Really learned how to ride and they were patient with me! Can’t wait to take my test
Mark is awesome! I booked private session with him and he had me riding and feeling confident. I was excited to ride. Highly recommend he took the time to teach me the way I needed to learn, I definitely will be back.
Mark is an excellent instructor. Courses are simple and straightforward. I have a thorough understanding of how to properly control a motorcycle after just one lesson. He’s also been extremely helpful in getting my first bike and all the gear I need to be safe on the road
This was my first time ever riding and my experience was great, I learned alot and feel more confident in what I can do and know what I need to work on. Mark also cares about you and your safety. So you can feel safe in knowing that he cares. Also he does not judge you and when you are doing... something wrong he explains to you what you have to do to improve. So overall my experience was great and I had fun riding.read more
As an educator myself, I've never much gone in for the 'one size fits all' approach: it fails learners as much in schools as on the road. Taking a course with Mark gave me the confidence--as basically a beginner--to get on the bike and get out on to the road the very next day. I've been riding and... improving every day since, reflecting on my practice using the frameworks from the course. One of the best things about the course is you never feel like you''re being 'taught', yet the learning curve is noticeably steep. Mark demonstrated what he wanted; he encouraged and challenged me according to my abilities and potential. Time or patience were never an issue as he was generous with both and never seemed to be watching the clock. Huge respect for Chris, a veteran who assisted the lesson, and with whom I chatted during breaks. Thanks for your service, and thanks to both for a really insightful, practical and useful session. Highly recommended.read more
Went on a ride along with Mark to put my skills to the test on the road. He was a great instructor as I’ve known him to be. I was able to use everything he had taught me before and learned some new tips and tricks on the road. Very helpful!
Amazing wealth of knowledge, intelligence and patience. I couldn’t imagine learning to ride a bike with any other instructor, I’m spoiled now! Lol !!!
Such a great experience! I learned so much and felt so comfortable on the bike after my lesson. Mark explained things step by step and really helped me understand how my body mechanics worked with the bike to stay balanced. I feel so much more confident and in my riding skills now!!!
My husband and i had the most best private session with Mark and Chris. We went home feeling so confident that our adrenaline was so through the roof when we got home we rode our motorcycles and thanks to Mark and Chris we now understand our motorcycle much better, especially that nemesis CLUTCH.... Thanks again Mark. We will be back soon. Love you guys 💋💯😎👌👍👊read more
I never had any experience riding unless I was passenger so I was nervous in the beginning. Mark and his partner had so much patience with me and was there for me the entire time. They made me feel comfortable by their knowledge of bikes and even set me up to get the permit and road test. They made... the class fun and exhilarating. Definitely recommend.read more
I can’t express how grateful I am for finding mark when I wanted to learn to ride. I was very nervous about this and Mark didn’t just alleviate my anxiety. I ended up having a really fun time. He will work with you at ANY level and knows where you need help even when you might not know. On top of... this Mark went far beyond his duties when it came to everything. He literally helped me every step of the way and I can honestly say I have made a friend in Mark. He helped me with my permit, license, even came with me when I purchased my first bike and made sure the bike was ok and the right questions were asked and helped me transport it home. If you’re looking for someone to teach you stop looking. You found the right guy. Thanks again for everything Mark! Looking forward to taking a ride again sometime.read more
Mark is an awesome instructor and a overall nice person to do business with. Very professional and helped me understand everything I need to know when I comes to riding for the first time. Would 10/10 recommend him to others!
Best riding experience I've ever had. Mark had me riding solo in such a short time. Yesterday I went to mrtnj and got kicked out of class two hours in because they didn't have the time to give me proper education and moved to fast for a first timer. And what's worst is they won't even give you your... money back. Mark changed my outlook on riding completely and I'm so glad I went with him because I know if I continue I'll be riding like a pro in no time.read more
Mark was a great teacher. He is so patient and is techniques are so helpful. He helpful me overcome my fear of dumping/falling off especially when going slow. I am so much more confident in my skills.
Mark & Ricky were great instructors. They were patient and encouraging. They taught me strategies to help with the skills I was struggling with. They really helped to improve my confidence.
Mark and Ricky did a fantastic job teaching me how to ride a motorcycle. They’re very patient, knowledgeable, funny, and made sure that above all else my safety was their primary concern. They answered any questions I had and made sure I understood and was comfortable with what we were doing before... continuing. I HIGHLY recommend them for anyone looking to learn or improve their riding skills!!read more
I don’t leave reviews often, but Mark was great to work with! I’ve never ridden a motorcycle before, and Mark was extremely patient and knowledgeable to clearly guide the lesson to make tons of progress from my current skill level. He’s seriously the best to learn from. I’d highly recommend him to... anyone who’s looking to learn how to safely ride a motorcycle!read more
Amazing instructor! Safety is his number one priority followed by respect for the motorcycle. You see and hear it throughout the lesson. I was pretty much brand new to everything; initial exposure by family only...no formal training. Very grateful for the patience and respect during my lesson.... Mark, you are a gem. Many blessings for the present and future! I'll see you soonread more
Mark is an awesome guy and a great instructor! I had the best possible experience using him, he is patient, respectful, and very well informed on all things relating to motorcycles. Can't recommend him enough, his experience is worth every dollar.
Mark is a great teacher that is patient and is very good at explaining every detail to you until you understand it fully. I would highly recommend anybody looking to learn how to ride a motorcycle to learn from Mark he taught me everything about a motorcycle and how to ride it in 2 hours!!! By the... way I never been on a bike or knew anything about them prior to meeting Mark. Now I am a professional and I am currently purchasing my first bike shortly. Thanks again Mark!!!read more
Mark is a great man, and one great thing about him is that he is very much patient. He will not move on from a drill until you master it
Mark was amazing to work with. Patient and kind. It is very clear Mark is beyond knowledgeable of bikes and the sport. He’s an empathetic teacher that allows you to guide the lesson to your comfort level. For a novice with zero knowledge of bikes or riding…I left feeling confident, well taught,... steady and sure. Very highly recommended.read more
I havebt been in a bike in 20 yrs. Mark made me feel confident again. Weird how your old habits come back so quickly. I would have been better never being on a bike before. He gave me lots to think about and I'm definitely gonna use him again.
Mark was a great instructor. I truly think he was the best fit for the job. We moved through the different exercises at a good pace when I was ready, and always explained everything thoroughly and clearly.
I had a good time with Mark is the best trainer ever 👌👌
I had never been on a motorcycle before and I'm over 50 so I was nervous. Mark was fantastic, eased my fear, explained all the mechanics. I was riding a motorcycle within an hour. It started to rain so I opted to end my lesson. I'm going to MVA and then I will schedule another lesson to prepare me... for the road test. Mark was adamant about safety so I feel confident that I am learning the right way and will be a responsible motorcycle driver. It was also a lot of fun, the bikes were well maintained and great to learn on. Thanks Mark!!read more
I haven’t rode a motorcycle in roughly 20 years. Mark helped me pick up my bike from the dealership and get it home safely. As well as provide instructions on how to ride safely.I feel like he went above and beyond because there were some things about my motorcycle that I didn’t know and he was... able to go over and explain them to me in detail.I feel more confident riding my bike. I highly recommend his training, although for the insurance discount You will have to go through a certified MSF course that does a lot of in classroom work and less actual riding.read more
I walked into this course very nervous but within 10 minuted mark had my nerves at ease. Each step of the way he explained in depth all the instructions and things to pay attention to so it could become muscle memory. The course itself was very informative and fun. There wasn’t a second of being... there that i didn’t feel comfortable or safe!read more
Where can I start. First and foremost, such a knowledgeable and experienced rider. Everything was a amazing! to the communication before/up to the lesson. Made you feel comfortable and explained everything very well. Not only you're learning to ride. But you're learning about the bike. A full walk... through what everything does and how it works. 10 out of 10. Would definitely recommend. 110%!!! Thanks so much for this experience.read more
I took the MSF course and got my license about a year ago. After the course I still didn’t feel comfortable riding on the road. I contacted Mark had my lesson and was super confident when I left. The one on one coaching and repetition really makes a difference! It was a great experience
Mark was knowledgeable and very professional. After the lesson, I felt very confident with my abilities to drive a motorcycle. He’s a great teacher and I would definitely recommend him to anybody who wants to learn how to ride one. I will be referring everyone I know who would like to learn to... Mark, and I will be taking more lessons with him.read more
Mark is excellent. Patient knowledgeable and caring. Has a very easy-going manner and shows by example. Goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable, and gain confidence
Found out about this motorcycle training online. Met up with Mark at the course and it was awesome. He teaches the right way to ride a motorcycle safely. Very in depth with his instructions, but also gives you the freedom to ride and learn as you go. Highly recommend for new or first time riders.
Mark was great. Very focused on safety, ease of using a cycle, and what to be aware of. He made me very comfortable on the bike!
WOW, WOW…WOWWWWW!!! Let me start off by saying, don’t waste your time with those state-provided motorcycle training courses. It’s a guarantee that you will not learn twice as much as you should as under the instruction of the knowledgeable & ultra cool,... Mark Ross.I recently inherited a 1000cc sport bike & because of it’s power, I immediately feared it. I’ve watched tons of YouTube videos on how to ride, how to shift, cornering, braking etc. And so I’ve tried to put to use what I’ve seen in those videos. But to me I’ve always felt like something were missing. It seemed like they didn’t instruct you on how to actually relax, respect the bike or display any other crucial underlying techniques that exist to insure a safe & fun ride. With Mark, his main goal is to make sure that you understand all aspects of motorcycle riding, such as the basics (knowledge of mechanical parts & operations), mastering the clutch/gear system, speed control, various advanced cornering techniques & most importantly, how to respect the bike & it’s power. But to also mention, class isn’t over until he sees you’ve fully mastered what was taught. I’ve learned a lot during class & was eager to try out my new set of riding skills & knowledge.So immediately after class I went home & jumped on my sport bike with a newly found sense of confidence in the skills I had just acquired & they worked like a charm! I was no longer afraid of it’s ferocious power. Shifting & proper clutch usage (up/down) through the gear box suddenly came as 2nd nature & the fear of dumping the bike while cornering without proper clutch control to speed ratio, is no longer an issue. I can now also rev match! I’m now riding like I’ve ridden for years, thanks to Mark…& having tons of patience with me lol.So do yourself a favor & get registered for class, it’s well worth it & you WILL NOT be disappointed!read more
Great experience and very helpful! Will recommend to new riders!!
Mark is an excellent instructor, very knowledgeable and great at explaining. He helped me to learn skills but also the mechanism behind them, helping me to understand better. I’ve ridden in the past but I learned so much and feel much more confident on the bike.
If you want to learn to ride, Mark is the best he makes it easy and fun. Plenty of insight and confidence after one 4 hour session. I know I need practice but I feel confident to ride. Thanks Mark
This was an unbelievable class. Even though I started with no knowledge, I still passed my moto exam on the first try! Mark was helpful, thorough and is such a good guy! Would recommend to anyone looking to learn or improve their skills!
WOW! I was actually very scared to take my motorcycle lesson....Mark changed that from minute one. He was reassuring and has a very comfortable and knowledgeable manner. He explained the basics to me and was VERY patient. He taught a skill and let me practice it and would not move on to the next... skill until I was ready. The personal attention was just what I need and I highly recommend him. I learned lot of tidbits that have helped me with my riding. All the best to Mark! HE IS GREAT...and knows so much about motorcycles and riding.read more
So happy I found Mark! So helpful and patient. He gave me so much information prior to booking the lesson as a gift for my husband. He was extremely happy with the lesson and he is now ready to confidently ride!
Great teacher!!!!!! He took his time to explain and encouraged me every step of the way! He was concerned about my well being first! Would highly recommend lessons!!!! I took the pa free course but it wasn’t for me. With this lesson it was more one on one and I really understood how to ride the... motorcycle. Also I went right after and passed my driver’s test!!!!!read more
I would definitely recommend going here to learn. Mark was very knowledgeable and a patient teacher. By the end of the lesson I was very confident in my ability to handle a bike.
Over a month Ago I totaled my new bike, because I had no idea on how the clutch and the throttle worked.....discouraged, embarrassed and defeated.I was force to reevaluate my position...so I called JR’s PCL.and I was reassure after the class I’d know how to ride a bike,my instructor delivered on... his word as promise,within mins he taught me on how to prevent whiskey throttle and how to control the bike with the clutch and how the throttle works.I felt like all this weight has been lifted off my shoulders and for that I am deeply grateful for the training.thank you!read more
My experience at JR’s PCL was amazing l learned so much from him.He taught me the ends in outs of bike riding how to fully work the clutch,braking,balance,proper shifting and down shifting and much more so if your looking for an Aldine instructor plz give him a call.
The best training I’ve ever received for motorcycle. Even if you have experience or road as a kid like I have, you still need this course. I feel more confident and safe than I ever have on a motorcycle or clutch operated vehicle because of this training . I will be back soon to do a road day and... pursue getting my motorcycle license shortly after. Mark is awesome, knowledgeable and honest. Above all, he puts safety first and instills it in the lesson. This isn’t blowing smoke. This is for real.read more
Mark is a great instructor. He took the time to explain how the two-wheel motorcycle operates to both my friend and I, and shared helpful and essential tips. I strongly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to ride a motorcycle.
I had a great time learning from Mark. He is very detailed with his instructions and provides great explanation to why things are done. Having never ridden a motorcycle before, I was up and riding comfortably in 2 hours. I would highly recommend Mark for your lesson. In fact , I'll be going back... more more lessons in the future!read more
Even though I have already written a review a few months back in the beginning of the summer (around June 2021), I still owe my motorcycle knowledge to JR’s PCL crew. Because of them I have felt more confident in riding, and they have given me the practical knowledge that I desperately needed to... get out on the road. This is coming from someone who already had their license but felt uncomfortable riding, and was almost ready to give up altogether due to a fall. I believe that Mark and his crew taught me the crucial aspects to riding safe, and to think critically during questionable moments.read more
Mark is very knowledgeable and has an incredible amount of patience. His professional demeanor and down to earth teaching skills help very much calm a scared and very nervous new rider who never had gotten on the driver’s seat, like me. 😊 I’d recommend Mark, Jr’s PCL to ANY rider, new or... rusty, to take motorcycle lessons because they really are worth every penny. Thanks again Mark for sharing your knowledge through tips, tricks, and hands on training. Appreciate your help, hopefully I’ll make you proud.read more
I have to say thank you so much Mark! You are the best!! First, im a beginner who has no knowledge about motorcycle. I had my private session with Mark on Saturday and i have to say i was so nervous because i dont know if im going to learn how to ride that afternoon. Mark explained everything so... well that I learned in just 3hrs! In addition, Mark is so patient and such a great instructor! I would definitely recommend this driving school!read more
I would like to take a moment to share my experience with Mark. I came with no prior riding experience. Mark demonstrated great talent at explaining the basics in a very intuitive and crisp manner, always with a lot of patience. As a result, I was amazed by my progress already in the first lesson;... I was able to operate the bike, gaining confidence very quickly. Was just unbelievable ! I had a blast!!The second lesson was already on the road, and honestly I could not believe that i was doing it. Mark rode close to me for more than an hour guiding me though every step of the Way, and making me feel safe and confident.Mark is what You can call an exceptional teacher. He is genuinely helpful, humble, very wise , dedicated and very professional.If you want to learn how to ride, no matter what’s your level, Mark is the instructor you definitely need.Thanks Mark for such a pleasurable and inspiring experience !read more
Mark and his team are very, very knowledgeable on motorcycles !! They are very friendly! They are willing to work with u!! If u have any questions or concerns!! They are easy to talk too!! They ain’t out there to rip u off! They out to teach us how to ride the motorcycle step by step!! In safest... way possible!! (At the end of the day it all comes down to us!! They give us the proper knowledge to apply it) When they say it is one on one .. It really is a one on one lesson(s) !! No matter if u never road a motorcycle or you’re been riding for a bit and u just want to touch up!! Thank u to Mark for ur time and patience!! Well thank all of you; it was a pleasure meeting you all!!read more
Great Experience!!! Mark was a great instructor and will accommodate you in every way possible. A1 Service!!!!!! I recommend JR PCL as a top service for learning to ride a motorcycle.
A fantastic teacher cant pick a better one
Had a great time with Mark, I needed some individualized attention to get over my own anxieties and he really helped. I would recommend Mark to anyone who’s looking for riding lessons.
My experience was really great Mike is a great trainer with a lot positive energy and the whole training course was very knowledgeable and i learned so much in just 3 hours! 10/10 recommendation
As someone who struggled after the initial beginners course for the license, this private lesson was exactly what I needed to grow my comfort level and overall confidence on a motorcycle! Mark explained everything exceptionally well from the basic controls to the exercises. Everything made sense... and the way it was taught made the riding much more enjoyable. There was time to do everything at my pace and make sure I was able to do the motions right!read more
My 2 oldest kids and I got our BRC1 few weeks ago and I knew we needed more to be able to ride on our own on the road. I found Mark searching for private lessons and I’m glad I did.I reached out to Mark via messenger and he replied super quickly so we could speak on the phone and go over my... expectations.We learned way more during our lesson with Mark than we did during the BRC1 weekend. I now feel confident in our ability to ride safely.Would recommend him any time!read more
My instructor Mark did a great job teaching me how to ride my motorcycle and made me feel comfortable doing so. This is definitely better then the MSF course and it only took one day for about 3 hours.
Had my first class with JR and my confidence to ride is back up to 100%. I got my license couple of years back but was sidetracked and never hit the road. After the class and all the useful information JR shared with me I feel I can do this again! Highly recommend this class for beginners or pplz... who need to sharpen or refresh their skills.read more
Great class to take. Mark was very patient, helpful and was able to answer a lot of my questions making me understand how a bike works when shifting down gears and all . I totally recommend this for anyone who is trying to learn .
What an awesome job! Very professional and takes the time to go over things so you understand. I have taken other course where I was rushed and couldn’t get the instruction down as quickly as they wanted me too. I can say I am over the moon I found JRS! Mark was awesome and made me feel so... comfortable where I could actual understand the instructions.I learned so much, was comfortable on the motorcycle all because of the amazing job Mark did! Without a doubt I would totally recommend JRS hands down. If you go any where else you are wasting your money! Mark was extremely helpful not only with training me but also providing me with all the steps I need to learn how to ride and how to get my license. He is with you every step of the way! If you do not take their course you will be sorry!read more
I learned a lot and had a great time. It was low stress and at no point did I feel discouraged.
This was a good experience for me. Mark was patient and encouraging and his instructions were clear. I was very nervous about the lesson, and riding in general, but felt comfortable on the bike during the lesson and have been more comfortable on the riding since.
I woke up this morning not knowing I was going to have motorcycle riding lessons. I’ve never risen a motorcycle before but with the help of my instructor Mark I was able to gain the confidence and knowledge necessary to start me well on my way. My instructor was not only knowledgeable his safety... awareness was reassuring. Want to learn how to ride well, ride safe, this is your guy!read more
Being a new Harley owner and a Mom I wanted to show my teenagers how important it is to be smart about riding. I have been searching for private lessons for months.1) Mark called me back within an hour.2) Really took his time to get all the details around my needs and riding experiences.3) ... Booked me as soon as it was convenient for me.4) He drove from NJ to my house.5) Not only did he locate the nearest parking lot that would be safe to do the lesson he also checked the specks on my bike.6) He is extremely knowledgeable, professional and kind.7) Not only am I a better rider after 4 hours, I am more confident and I have learned about warning signs that should be alarming about my bike.8) Mark took it upon himself to get my bike back to the dealer who made a lot of mistakes from the beginning when selling it to me.9) Not only did he make sure I am speaking under correct terms but he assisted me all the way through by talking to the service manager himself.10) Thanks to Mark and his expertise my bike got a new battery and headlamp within a day.My bike is not completely fixed and Mark is still standing in for me to make sure all gets done to my new bike while it is still under warranty. Hannums Harley is the WORST!Even if you just want to buy a bike I would say it's worth everything to pay Mark to accompany you.I would recommend Mark to any person of any age.Simply amazing.read more
Marc was absolutely amazing from start to finish and couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. Marc actually takes his time with every single step of the process and never rushes you. He constantly goes over each and every detail until you perfect it. Worth every penny!
What a great place to learn how to ride. I strongly recommend for anyone even they had experience or they never had any experience of riding. The instructor will guard you all the time, do not have to worry that you will get hurt. For me I had some experience riding motorcycle but I want to get... familiar more on motorcycle and JSR is definitely helpful he even show me some trick that help me get more understanding while riding. If anyone see this review just book a class for yourself definitely a excellent place to learn and get more understanding.read more
Quick and easy learning was very patient with me being a beginner I’d definitely recommend them to anyone looking to learn to ride. Very helpful with information how to get a permit and license too.
I initially went to a two day MSF course to obtain my motorcycle endorsement and felt moderately comfortable but still cautious. I felt like I needed more practice before I got my own motorcycle and rode at higher speeds. I booked a private session with Mark and in just two hours I learned to have... so much more control over the maneuvers and the bike. With the way Mark teaches, I felt much more comfortable and felt like my safety was much more protected. Looking back, Im a little disappointed that I didn’t learn more in the approximately 8 hrs at MSF. Hopefully they start doing things the Mark way to make sure riders are better prepared for the road!read more
My experience was fantastic! Mark gave me the confidence I needed. He is an excellent teacher and I highly recommend his class.
Mark is a really good person. He helped me a lot while practicing. Especially at the beginning. I have never been on a bike so I was concerned at the beginning but he knows how to approach a beginner. Thank you for everything.
Awesome teaching and got me caught up on my skills and on the road. Definitely a great place to learn how to ride
The instructor did a great job with my session. I was a first time rider, by the end of the lesson I was able to shift thru all gears confidently. Now, I’m ready for the road!
I hardly knew how to start a bike. After 2hrs with Mark i was riding on my own and doing figure 8’s in the lot. He is so knowledgeable and patient. His presence alone takes away all the nervousness. I am very nervous, high anxiety person. From meeting up with him, during and after learning how to... ride all that insecurity went away. I could have not been more pleased. Thanks to him I now have the itch, lol. 2 thumbs up, if i had more hands he’d have more!!!!! Excellent experience, Highly recommended!!!!!!!!read more
My experience couldn’t have been better as a first time student with Mark. He puts you at ease from the very beginning. The communication from Mark was fantastic - easy, responsive, accurate and helpful. The lesson was differentiated based on my needs and abilities. He made it fun and relaxed.... Would definitely recommend him for getting your start, passing your test and more. I plan to go back to get other tips and tricks to ride safely. Thanks Mark!read more
I had a private lesson with Mark a couple of weeks ago. I had taken a motorcycle safety course years ago, but hadn't ridden since so am basically a beginner. Mark did a great job of first learning about my experience level and then tailoring the lesson to that. He spent the beginning of the lesson... teaching me the basics of using the clutch and throttle to control the bike and then moved on to more advanced techniques from there, always making sure I had each technique down before moving on. The lesson was in a parking lot that, while in an uncrowded area, did have some traffic and was a bit nerve wracking at times. However, this was beneficial by the end to mimic being around other vehicles on the road. By the end of the lesson I felt way more comfortable on a motorcycle and felt ready to start riding on the road. Mark even answered some questions about buying my first bike and offered to help with buying advice when I was looking at specific bikes.read more
Was looking online for private motorcycling lessons as a new rider. Came across this place, reached out, and heard back within the hour. Scheduled a lesson with Mark (who was super responsive throughout) and had a fantastic lesson; Mark was super knowledgable and broke things down step by step.... Made things super easy to learn and I felt safe the entire time. Great teacher and a cool guy as well.Felt far more confident on the bike at the end of the one lesson than I thought possible, considering I hadn't driven one before. Will definitely be going back.Would highly recommend to new and old riders alike.read more
Mark is a extremely knowledgeable and patient trainer. I strongly recommend him to anyone and everyone interested in learning how to ride a motorcycle. I feel completely confident and safe riding now. This was my first time on a motorcycle and now I'm all ready to go, thanks again Mark and JR's... PCL staff.read more
I don't know where to start with all of the positive points of my lesson with Mark. I learned more in 3 hours with him then I did after 12 hours of instruction at another location. He explained so much even before the lesson, like the right size bike for me to learn on and my riding experience.... (Somethings not done in the past). Mark made me feel completely comfortable and safe from the start and able to ride with absolute confidence in myself in the end. His patience, knowledge and technique in instructing was reassuring and encouraging. It was an incredible experience and after years of riding on the back and talking about learning to ride, I am so excited to say that I can now ride on my own safely, thanks to Mark and JR's.read more
Mark is awesome.....simple and to the point...im a new rider learning on my own...Mark just made everything make sense!!!...
Mark is great, his passion for motorcycling shines through. Doesn’t rush through the session and is very well spoken and communicated his lesson very well.
Mark was fantastic! He emphasized safety at every step of my learning today. He was patient and went over the things that I needed to practice and corrected things that I was doing improperly in the moment. Mark let me know what I was doing right and let me practice to build muscle memory and it... got easier as I practiced. I had never driven a motorcycle before today and I am confident after our lesson to feel safe during riding my own bike! ❤️read more
Dope experience, very informative and patient with new riders like myself. They Gave me confidence and even helped me through the process of buying a new motorcycle. I definitely recommend this training program for anyone !!!
JR’s PCL is the number one place to go to learn how to ride a motorcycle! I would give them more than 5 stars if I could. I had taken the MSF certification course a few months prior, and got my license. Feeling prepared as a new rider, I bought my bike and took it out on the road. Unfortunately I... was not as knowledgeable as I thought I was, I lost control of my bike, dented the side tank, and hurt my wrist. This incident left me with zero confidence to get back on, and I contemplated selling my bike and giving up my dream to ride. As my last resort, I called JR’s PCL and Mark (the owner and instructor), immediately responded to my inquiry and set up a time to relearn the foundation of riding and to fill in the gaps that I had missed before. Mark’s seamless teaching ability taught me more in 3 hours than the weekend I spent in the course. He focused on the importance of the clutch, and how to use it in sync with the throttle. He answered all of my dumb questions, and didn’t mind reiterating some of the explanations/instructions. He even helped me diagnose the reasoning of my last fall, and how to prevent it from happening again. I would recommend anyone to take his course who is new at riding or would like to sharpen their current skills. Thanks again Mark for sharing your insight and expertise!read more
This is a story of trashing a woman’s dream and rebuilding it to success.My fiancé has wanted to obtain a motorcycle license since she was 14. She is 57 and we are both trying to complete our bucket list before we are unable. That said, a friend of her’s suggested we take the MSF course at Barb’s... Harley.Written class was fine. The instructor followed MSF curriculum. That said, MSF curriculum is written in stone. IT IS NOT FOR A SMALL PERSON WHO HAS NEVER CONTROLLED A MOTORCYCLE.Picture this - a 5’ 0” 105 lb woman on an 800lb motorcycle where she is on tiptoes - she is a personal trainer so in great shape - but can barely move the bike.Fast forward to Mark Ross.After the failure @ Barb’s, my fiancé didn’t talk to me Saturday OR Sunday and barely talked to me on Monday … UNTIL I did a quick internet search and found Mark RossI knew from our conversation that the dream would be complete and Gina would not only learn to ride a bike but ride it safely. I cannot say the same for three of the other five people in my MSF classGina had a Cheshire Cat grin when the lesson was complete. She learned more in 3 hours with Mark than I learned in 2 - 8 hour daysGood thing I had basic motorcycle skills before I took the MSF course.We will both be taking a ride along class for a couple hours so we are both comfortable on the road - parking lot is one thing but live on the road is another.Gina will also go through the testing training before her actual test. Then we will both take an advanced driver’s course so we are safeMark is a consummate professional. He WILL NOT only teach you how to ride a motorcycle but teach you how to drive it safelyHire him and you will NOT be wasting your moneyread more
Mark is very professional, friendly and patient instructor. He knows how to make the driving experience stress free.He's a very honest and down to earth guy who just wants you to be safe when driving a motorcycle. Not only does he teach you how to drive safely on the road, he'll also give you tips... on good driving techniques. Taking lessons with Mark was worth it!I highly recommend him.read more
After many years of excuses, I finally decided to pull the trigger and get riding. Having taken the MSF years ago gave me an introduction to riding, but never the complete confidence to even test ride a bike at a dealership. Mark provided the personal attention to meet me at my skill level, and... he’ll absolutely do the same for anyone whether a beginner or advanced. He’s now my go to guy for everything motorcycle, from my ride along coach to what and where to buy gear, to assisting me in getting the best deal on a Ike that fits my skills and budget. Thank you Mark!read more
Great instructions and training! Explained the operation of the bike and the theory on how it all works very well, and took great care to really highlight was is going well, and what points still need work. Highly recommended!
Mark is a fantastic teacher; he assessed where I was, what my ‘fears’ were and walked me through each exercise. He is patient and truly made me feel more confident in my riding. I have attended the PA classes before and it was not a personalized experience. I was considering selling my bike, as I... hadn’t ridden in over a year, but after my first session with Mark I have a newfound confidence in riding. I would highly recommend that you consider a one on one class with Mark and the JR team.read more
Mark was very helpful and I couldn’t believe I learned how to ride a motorcycle in a day.
I went there not very confident that I can learn how to ride in just a few hours I left there knowing all the basics and feeling like a pro
If you ever wanted to learn how to ride but didn’t know where to start, this is the place to go.I didn’t know anything about riding but Mark was an awesome teacher. He went at my pace. He explained everything in a way that I could learn and he answered all my (dumb) questions. Inside of 2 hours I... felt much more confident and I knew that riding a motorcycle is something that I want to continue doing.Great school! Great teacher!read more
I had a fantastic experience with JRSPCL. I came in with basically ZERO knowledge and in about 3 hours left feeling confident enough to ride on my own in and out of traffic. It's an intensive course spent ENTIRELY on the bike. I would highly recommend them!
Mark is a great instructor! Extremely knowledgeable about motorcycles. He takes his time and teaches you everything you need to know about learning to ride and riding safely. Thank you so much!
I had a wonderful experience with Mark today. I didn’t even know what or where the throttle was but was riding with confidence within the hour. Mark was very thorough and patient. I highly recommend. Communication is top notch. Answers all my questions. Thank you!
Absolutely amazing guy and super informative. Got me up and running in no time and makes the course feel dumby proof. Highly recommend coming to him if you’re new or want some pro tips!
Great instructor. Knowledgeable with clear & concise explanations. Moved at a pace that matched my ability to learn the techniques. Well worth it.
From our initial phone conversation I was sure I was in good hands. Patience is a virtue and Mark has it in spades. He gave clear concise instructions at a comfortable pace. The times I still managed to mess something up, he was able to help me correct my error SAFELY without making me feel less... confident or overwhelmed. Whenever I had a question, he had a thoughtful answer I could comprehend and implement. Mark's enthusiasm and passion for riding comes across in his instruction. From learning the basic fundamentals, to small suggestions, tweaks and tips, he has a wealth of information to tap into.This man is a great teacher. Today's subject happened to be motorcycle riding but had it been anything else I have no doubt I would have walked away from my lesson with the knowledge and skills needed to perform SAFELY and effectively. Mark is a Motorcycle Master!read more
What a blast! I had a great time learning to ride with Mark, just really fun day overall... Moreover, it's obvious to me that having his instruction and coaching was utterly invaluable. Mark was a great teacher - patient, careful, thorough, and committed. I'll definitely look forward to working... with Mark again for coaching, and having his guidance through the licensing and purchasing process. The service Mark is providing is so critical to putting safe, confident riders out there.read more
Mark is clear and very knowledgeable instructor, my experience was great!!! I came in with 0 experience and in 3 hours I felt more comfortable riding a Motorcycle also gained so much knowledge. I highly recommend the service to anyone who is looking to learn how to ride a motorcycle.
I just want to give a shout out to mark for training me to ride a motorcycle safely! I appreciate it very much. He is one hell of an instructor. Took his time even though I picked it up quick. Can’t wait to take my license test! Thank you!! You’re awesome man!
Was so leary at first to trust a random Facebook ad that popped up on my news feed. I cant stress enough how wonderful these guys were with me. My original goal was to hopefully ride my motorcycle home from the class, that didn't happen, but no fault of theirs...that was my choice. I chose to... use their training bike due to mine being so heavy and being a month outta back surgery, they offered several times to work with me on mine but I declined. Basically you can say I've never been on a bike before Saturday. This was one of the best experience I've had. I'm not sure if you call it a midlife or what but they were so patient with me, started from the basic beginning and showed me everything and made sure I was ready to move on in my own time. By the time this class was over, if I had owned a bike I could have held up I would have had the confidence to rode it home. I had tried twice to learn to ride mine and never got outta first and a coast...couldn't turn at all, I had so much fear and anxiety that I had considered just quitting. These guys ran miles beside me and encouraged me every step of the way. I am so excited now to use my new found freedom and I would highly recommend their training class to anyone regardless of age or being a women. The individual/ personal attention your going to get is unlike anything you'll find at the big harley/ Honda or bmv programs! I can't thank them enough!read more
I was enrolled in the Harley Davidson Riding Academy in the beginning of April. I am a completely new rider and have absolutely no experience except being a passenger for the past four years.They advertise the class as if they teach you "from the ground up", making it sound like someone who... literally knows nothing (aka, me!) will be taught everything they need to know to ride and how to ride confidently. However, that was NOT the case for me. I was never taught how to properly shift and couldn't even get out of first gear. They put me on a bike that was too tall for me, which caused me to be on my tiptoes and also caused me to dump the bike three times in one day. My legs were so bruised by the end of the day, I could barely walk. The next day, I was put on a lower bike but almost dumped it (I caught myself and the bike before it hit the ground) and they sent me home. They told me to go home and practice on my own bike and then come back and redo the driving portion of the class; to me, that defeated the purpose of the class. I felt like I didn't learn anything and walked away feeling very discouraged. After a month of waiting for the Harley Academy to call me about retaking the driving portion, we called and found out that the manager was told I failed, which is not what the instructors told me when they sent me home.My boyfriend tried for a month to get me out on my own bike and I refused because I had no confidence and was afraid. He knew he couldn't teach me, so he contacted Mark to see if he could help. In a little over three hours, he made a huge difference in my abilities and my confidence. He actually took the time to explain each step to me and catered to exactly what I needed to work on. I felt comfortable the entire time he worked with me and actually felt myself become more comfortable as the lesson progressed. By the end, I was riding all over the parking lot and shifting gears with confidence, which is something I didn't feel comfortable doing during the Harley class. Not to mention, the parking lot I was riding in had lots of gravel and pot holes and I was riding confidently and comfortably. I'm so glad we decided to have him come work with me and would recommend him to anybody who needs to learn how to ride or just needs some skills sharpened.read more
I sent my girlfriend to the Harley Davidson Riding Academy at the beginning of April; they put her on a bike that was too tall for her, which ended up bruising her legs so bad that they sent her home because she couldn't hold the bike up. After waiting a month and not hearing back from them, I... contacted Mark to teach her how to ride. He came to Ohio and within 3 hours, he had her riding better than what the Harley class did in 8 hours. He improved her confidence immensely. He is so great at his job, that even me, who has been riding for 40 years, couldn't teach her as quickly as he did. I would recommend him to anybody, even if you're an experienced rider and want to develop a better skill set. I would not recommend the Harley Davidson Riding Academy to anybody.read more
Mark was awesome, very knowledgeable about bikes and got me up and riding within an hour. He gave me the confidence I was looking for as a new rider. Not only did this experience give me confidence in riding but it gave me the knowledge and practice to pass my road test.
When this morning didn’t know nothing but basics an came out being able ride with confidants been riding scenes I been back thank u guys for everything literally very good teachers
I have never ridden a motorcycle in my life and I always wanted to learn to ride but being petite I had my concerns. I’m so lucky to have found Mark He reassured me and provided a rebel 250 to practice for the private lesson. Mark has a gift to teach. He patiently walked me through using the... controls, answering any questions along the way, then had me gradually ride the bike while running alongside and giving me instructions. Towards the end of the lesson, he let me loose and I rode without falling off the bike. I can’t believe I did that! I’m very thankful to Mark for the wonderful experience. This is just the beginning for me and I have a long way to go but knowing that Mark will always be there to help gives me confidence. Mark is the best and I highly recommend JR’s cycles to anyone interested in learning to ride.read more
I used to ride dirt bikes and four wheelers as a kid and loved getting rides on motorcycles. My father and uncles always rode and now my boyfriend rides. I love riding with him but have always wanted to learn to ride myself. I found out that Megan and Mark give private riding lessons and knew... that was perfect for me. I also have a very busy schedule with kids and work and they were able to work around that. Mark is very patient and explains everything as your going along. I definitely recommend making an appointment if your interested in learning to ride. Thank you to both Megan and Mark!!! I can't wait to ride my own!!read more
Thank you so much Mark and Megan for your hard work in supporting me learn how to ride on a motorcycle.Your patience and commitment to supporting me in my first class mean a lot to me.With your great guidance, I developed confident and capability to ride as a safe and capable driver.
Great instructor hands down. Can't go wrong choosing him!!
I must say that the riding training that I received today was more than needed. When I first arrived at the site, Mark was very professional and he took his time in explaining in full detail what we were going to be working on, and how he would assist me. Overall, I am more than pleased with the... service that I received, and I definitely recommend his service to anyone in need of rider training.read more
Working with Mark was an excellent experience from start to finish. He was responsive when communicating with me prior to my lesson and addressed any questions that I had. During our phone conversation, Mark asked questions to better understand my riding experience and what I felt I needed help... with so he could tailor the lesson for me. The lesson itself exceeded my expectations as not only did we cover the items that were important to me, Mark provided additional skills training based upon his evaluation of how I was handling/operating my bike. I have already begun to employ these skills during my rides and am riding with a sense of confidence that I did not possess prior. I highly recommend Jr’s PCL to new riders as well as those who have been riding and would like to improve their skill-set.read more
I wanted to learn how to ride so that I could finally ride my father’s Bike that was sitting in storage for 20 years since he was sick and passed in 03. I set up a class for me and my 21yo son who I am actually giving the bike to. Him nor I have ever rode a bike until yesterday when I first got... there and met mark. I was nervous as could be that I was gonna either crash this guys bike or get hurt and not be able to work. That fear left within the 1st 30 minutes. After that everything he showed me and how he taught it gave me full confidence that I was gonna be fine. It did not feel like this was a business to him. I felt like I was just there spending the day with a guy that loves to teach what he knows. Never once did he worry about the time or push me to move forward to a next drill..... I couldn’t be more pleased with spending the money for me and my son on this.read more
First time being on a bike, highly recommend Mark,very knowledgeable about all things concerned with riding..Being one on one makes all the difference, learnt a lot looking forward to next lesson 👍.
Mark was amazing!! It was my first time ever on a bike. He walked me through step by step, and had me passing my road test for my license within 3 hours!!! Would highly recommend to anyone looking to learn to ride!!
Great experience if your nervous about riding. Good instruction. I went in somewhat nervous and came out much more confident. Worth the money, highly recommend. Mark is a great guy and teacher.
I’ve never been on a motorcycle and I was very nervous about my road test today. But after my lesson with JR I not only felt confident in my ability to pass my exam I left those lessons with the confidence and ability to operate a motorcycle properly and safely. Two hours into the lesson I knew how... to maintain control of my bike and was fully prepared for my road test. Which I PASSED! JR really is an amazing teacher. He has a way of making you feel like you belong on the bike. It was a really great experience and I highly recommend JR’s lessons. It doesn’t matter weather your just beginning out or trying to knock the rust off, JR is your GUY!read more
First let me just say Mark is an excellent teacher!!! I Had never rode a motorcycle before and I had approximately two weeks before my road test date. I was nervous but After having one private lesson with Mark, I was ready to go!! He's that good.I firmly believe the one on one setting is the... proper way to go if you want to enter the world of motorcycles. Mark teaches at your pace, let me repeat that, MARK TEACHES AT YOUR PACE, and that will provide you with a sense of comfort and makes for a fun experience!! Mark's ability to break down the usage of the clutch and throttle with you directly cannot be matched by any MSF course, especially in an MSF course with 6-8 other people. His teaching concepts are so easy to comprehend you would think he's writing a motorcycle for dummies handbook.I highly recommend Mark to anyone looking to get into riding.read more
I got test motorcycle on Thursday in Media,PA. Mark willing to help me to get test pass and his gratitude beyond amazing as they way he is. He truly care for me. His instruction is easy to follow and he taught me with care. Thank you, Mark for your lessons and support. I definitely recommend him... to anybody want to learn how to drive motorcycle. He is the Best!!!read more
I wanted to learn how to ride a Motorcyle and looked into the MSF courses but they were so backed up I figured it wasn’t meant to be for me. After some research, I found Mark and JR’s Private Cycle Lessons. After calling to get more information, Mark assured me that he would be able to teach me how... to ride in just about 3 hours. I thought to myself, how can someone learn in just 3 hours compared to spending a weekend at a state safety course. Well, I can tell you that it’s more than possible.From the beginning Mark told me over and over that it’s more important to learn and understand how to properly use the clutch and throttle, and that the clutch was the most important control on the motorcycle. When we began, I thought to myself, why aren’t we doing exercises like they do in the state courses. I quickly learned why...being able to control the Motorcyle by properly understanding how and when to use the clutch became apparent on how important it was to riding. Within an hour I had full control of the bike. By the next hour I was shifting and turning like I’ve been doing it a long time. By the time we finished, he set me loose and I was riding around as comfortably as can be with extreme confidence and finally understood why he stressed the importance of of the clutch and throttle more than doing silly exercises.The next time I jumped on a bike, I was fully prepared and began riding without having to worry about what I was doing.I fell in love with riding so much after our lesson that I told Mark of my intentions to buy a bike ASAP. He immediately got me in touch with a local dealership and even met me at the dealer the following week to help find the bike that would be a perfect fit for me. Mark also helped me land a sweet deal on the bike and I saved almost $1,000 at the dealer!I’m so grateful that I chose to see Mark rather than attending the MSF courses. His ability to train people is clearly second to none. Friends of mine who went through the MSF course who have been riding for a few months were amazed at how much control I had over the bike compared to them and began asking where I learned that. Answer, Mark! Best decision of my life! Any one looking to learn should go see him if you are truly interested in learning how to ride. Can’t be happier.read more
The best Teacher hands down! He was very helpful and engaged throughout the training! I’ve had trainers before but Mark is the best by far. Highly recommended, in my opinion he’s way better than the state safety course instructors!
I was able to schedule a lesson with Mark very quickly. The lesson was both informative and hands on. They provided a Honda Rebel 250 to ride for the lesson. Although I had never ridden a motorcycle before, I felt confident on the bike by the end of the session. I’d definitely recommend this... service if you are thinking about trying out motorcycle riding.read more
Great instructor and very patient with his students. I felt comfortable riding a motorcycle after my lesson.
Riding a motorcycle has always been a dream of mine but I was always too scared. I started googling classes near me and saw some larger state offered courses but they seemed way too intimidating and in a post Covid life, I did not want to take a class with dozens of strangers. I happened to come... across JRs Private lessons. I reached out to Mark right away and before our lesson even began he reassured me via the phone and addressed my concerns!I went into the lesson the first day very unprepared but Mark and his partner Megan (who is also awesome!!!) provided me with helmets and safety gear for my class! Our lesson lasted several hours and Mark and Megan were so careful but practical for me that I left the class feeling like I had been riding for years! I loved the class so much that I took an additional lesson where Mark and I rode together. Mark was in constant communication with me and addressed my concerns via text or phone at any hour of the day! It was like having my own personal experienced trainer at all times.Mark and I then eventually went to a local motorcycle dealership and with his connections, I got a brand new beginner bike with a MAJOR discount because of him! He even rode it home for me and made a house run to make sure everything with my bike was smooth after my first couple rides.JRs private lessons has changed my life and Mark and Megan are now friends for a life time!I plan on doing more lessons soon!read more
Had my first lesson with Mark on Monday,It was a great experience he was very knowledgeable,friendly,and patient also very safety minded, Toke the time to go through every aspect and function of the motorcycle before starting,Definitely will recommend to friends and family looking to learn to ride... worth every penny.read more
Mark was awesome . I learned so much and he was very patient with me and i appreciated that . He was excellent instructor.
This is one of the best experiences I have had. Mark made learning how to ride a bike easy and fun. I knew nothing, hadn't ever even ridden a dirt bike in my life but within a short time I was riding my motorcycle.He taught me many things and prepared me for the tesr at DMV. Megan was... great she helped me feel at ease when I was nervous. Those two are a great combination and I would recommend JR's to anyone that wants to learn how to ride or just wants to brush up on their skillsread more
knowledgeable, caring and a person who gives the push needed to properly learn how to ride a motorcycle. totally worth it.
Mark you were amazing! I had so much fun, you helped me get over my jitters! Your patience and skill in teaching is out of this world. I can’t thank you and your girlfriend enough (sorry I can’t remember her name). You guys offered a service that’s more than just operating a motorcycle! Again I... can’t thank you enough! 😊 Thank you!read more
I was in the market for a bike and when I heard that Mark and Megan from JR’s PCL could get me the best deal on a Motorcyle than anyone else, I called them for a quote and could not have been happier. After calling around to see if another dealership could beat it, I quickly learned that Mount... Holly Motorsports had the best deal and I pulled the trigger.From start to finish, I was welcomed by JR’s PCL and Mount Holly Motorsports as if so was family, and I certainly felt like it. They treat you with respect, are extremely patient with you, and go out of their way to get you on the bike of your dreams.I can’t thank them both enough and look forward to using them again when I upgrade. I strongly recommend anyone searching for a bike contact JR’s PCL and Mount Holly Motorsports for your next purchase. You will not be disappointed!read more
Mark was really great very patient and caring him and his girlfriend were so cool I would recommend him for anyone wanting to learn how to ride
Where to start!I recently got referred to Mark from a friend of mine who worked with Mark in the past. I had never been on a bike and always wanted to ride but I was very nervous. I did not want to pay for a large group class and needed a personal 1v1 connection in case I did not get the hang of... it.Mark took my call right away and explained how he has been riding for over 20+ years and had seen it all. We then started texting and Mark started giving me advice. Before I even decided to take Marks business on, he was incredible! He helped me choose out a great helmet. gloves, boots, a jacket and even looked into some beginner bikes for me. This was without me even being one of his clients!When it came time for our riding lesson, I was amazed at how easy and simple Mark made it! By the end of our session I was riding around the lot like a pro! I went from my heart pounding to feeling so relaxed and comfortable because of Mark. He teaches you from the basics starting with how to even sit on a bike!Towards the end of our session I had to step away and leave 20 minutes early because of a family matter and Mark followed up with me and told me he could give me a free hour to make it up the time! This was awesome and something I did not even deserve as I had to step away.I cannot thank Mark and JRs PCL more. I cannot wait to sign up for another lesson and eventually buy my own bike. Mark also gets fantastic deals with local bike shops and the prices he quoted me through the dealer were HUNDREDS less than I would get if I were to buy a bike without my relationship with him. Everyone should take a lesson with Mark!read more
OMG!!!!! Mark is AMAZING!!!!!!! I was super nervous at the beginning of the lesson - An hour into the lesson I was so calm I couldn’t believe it...It was awesome 🤩
I took the private class with my wife. I has no experience riding and never had been on a motorcycle and within 15 minutes I learned the controls of the bike and I was riding. This class gave me the experience I needed to pass my endorsement test. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to learn to... give the a shot. You won’t be disappointed.read more

what’s required

  • Current automobile or motorcycle permit/driver’s license valid at time of the service.
  • For services conducted on a motorcycle provided by JR’s PCL, a picture of your DL or permit must be presented prior to the lesson.
  • Appropriate riding attire. You must wear long pants, long sleeved shirt, helmet or eye protection and shoes or boots covering your ankles are preferred.
  • Executed Waiver of Liability.

of note

At JR’s Private Cycle Lessons, our mission is to teach those who want to learn how to safely and effectively ride a motorcycle. When you come to JR’s Private Cycle Lessons, you receive personalized, non-stop instruction, customized to your specific skill level. While we recognize the value of state run safety courses, these classes are typically days long, designed as a one size fits all approach, and focus more on classroom content than practical, on range individual rider training. Whether you grasp a concept quickly or need more time, you are only able to learn at the pace of those around you.

At JR’s we use a customized approach to teach you how to ride at your own pace while building your comfort and confidence level as you progress. We are not affiliated with any state agencies or state run safety courses. Although we cannot offer you an endorsement on your license, we can offer you the peace of mind knowing you chose the right place to come for all of your rider training needs. Check out our reviews to see the the thoughts of riders who attempted a state course before coming to learn the appropriate techniques taught by JR’s.

Customer satisfaction is our priority and you will absolutely leave our lesson knowing how to ride. While we will always do our best to ensure every rider who comes to us leaves satisfied and knowing how to ride, unfortunately there are extremely rare incidents where we may advise that riding a motorcycle may not be for you. This is not only for your protection, but that of others as well. As individual results vary based on learning styles, we always stress the importance of being open with JR’s staff about your specific learning style as well as and coming back for follow up lessons once you become more familiar with the concept of motorcycle riding.


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